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Hi, I'm one half of the Games4M team.

One day me and my buddy Dan got annoyed with all the pompous nonsense and hidden agenda's in the gaming world so we decided we would make our own statement in the loudest way we could. The result is our monthly internet tv show G4M which is a down to earth look at the gaming world as we percieve it.

We are not under any illusion of being proffesional journalists nor claim to have industry inside contacts - rather we are trying to put an everyday opinion out there, with our own humourous twist.

I am definatley pro PS3 although thats not due to some blind loyalty to Sony. I will buy the best hardware and in this console generation then that is the PS3. Last gen it was the original Xbox (which i owned) and i was really looking forward to the Xbox 360...until they started exploding that is.

Microsoft need to look back at the original xbox - it was powerful, reliable, had groundbreaking features and was classy. By comparison the Xbox 360 is a tacky, clumsy, badly designed (and manufactured) piece of crap which is a disgrace to any consumer.

Anyway rant over. If you have any comments about the show or our website then i would love to hear them.

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