Alan Wake - previously unseen unreleased trailer

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Published: 1792 days 5 hours ago | Video
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Previously unreleased trailer for Xbox 360 exclusive Alan Wake. This trailer showcases the games horror elements and includes comments from some of the beta testers who are clearly unsettled by the games psychological mind-games.

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Hitman0769 - 1792 days 15 hours ago
1 -
Warning: Alan Wake will cause you to crap your pants and that will totally not fly with your girl friend.
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Chadness - 1792 days 14 hours ago
2 -
Makes me want to avoid the game at all costs. ;)
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Str8fe - 1792 days 5 hours ago
3 -
Definitely see a series starting up!
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Nicaragua - 1792 days ago
4 -
lol, this is still funny
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