What is BADJoystick?
BADJoystick is a user driven humor site for gamers. Our members track down the funniest gaming related videos, pictures, games and comics on the web, making BADJoystick the ultimate gaming humor site. BADJoystick.com is part of the N4G Network so if you are interested in joining the site please click here to open your N4G Network account.

Who posts the content?
BADJoystick is a community driven website, which means all content on the site is posted by our members. To submit content you must be a member of the N4G Network.

How do I become a member?
BADJoystick.com is part of the N4G Network so if you are interested in joining the site you must open up a N4G Network account. Setting up your N4G account is free and will only take a few minutes. Click here to sign up.

I have made some original content, can I upload it to BADJoystick?
At the moment you can not post content to BADJoystick without a source. If you have made a funny gaming related video we suggest you first upload it to YouTube or another video host service and then embed your video in you BADJoystick submission.

Who approves the content?
Before a video/post can go live on the site it must first be reviewed and approved by the community. All members may report and approve content in the pending section.

What is the purpose of the temperature signs?
The temperature is decided by an algorithm which looks at the combined attention a video/posts gets and the nature of this attention over different time periods. This way the system can predict if a video is hot or not just a few minutes after it has been posted on the site. A system that only relies on how many hits a video gets which is used by most sites is not as effective as it can go many hours before a story show up as hot. But the reality is that it was "hot" from the minute it was published.